Paint rubbing off

So my paint isn’t setting 100% on my Nina kit. The first few layers and the mottling layer seem fine, but the latest blue, red, purple, and blush layers are rubbing off. I am not using any new genesis paints, all the jars I have are from before the pandemic. I am using gamsol thinner. The worst spots are her nose, elbows, fingers, and toes, but all over the most recent layers just aren’t curing correctly. Chase, who I painted similarly has not had any of these issues.the only difference between the 2 kits is that Nina is very soft, almost buttery soft. Could that be why her paint isn’t curing correctly? Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix the issue?

Did you check your oven temp?

make sure it is getting up to the right temp with a thermometer.

If it cured on Nina before and isnt now I would assume oven issue

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I’m gonna check that now then!

That seems to be the issue, even when I set it to 300, it’s not heating above 250. I will see if setting it higher can get it to temp, if not, time for a new oven I guess! Thank you!