Paint Questions from a Newbie

Hello Reborners:
Do you prefer premixed paints or do you mix your own and 1) why? 2) what are the benefits?

If you mix your own, how can you tell you have achieved the perfect consistency?
If you use premixed, how far does a jar go?
How many layers of baby skin do you use?
Do you use natural sea sponges for application?

Thanks for your help!

I mix my own and use premixed colors too. The consistency is THIN. The number of flesh layers varies greatly from one baby to another. I have only replaced Flesh 07 and Flesh 08 in 3 years. I have completed 51 babies. I use cosmetic sponges for application of Genesis paint. Plucked ones for mottle layers and I mottle most flesh layers too. I only use a sea sponge for “Angel kisses”. The sea sponge is too “stiff” in my opinion.

Thank you Pia! I’m having trouble using the sea sponge and have messed up my first baby. She wasn’t my favorite kit, which is why I’m using her as a tester. Right now, she looks “dirty” and not exactly natural. I’m thinking I’ll get some ethnic tones and make her an AA so she won’t completely go to waste. You are such a life-saver, I’ve been reading a lot of posts and see that you are extremly helpful. I appreciate your responses more than you know!!

You could strip her and start again. Ethnic is very difficult to achieve and won’t solve the “dirty” look. You can add some burnt umber or brow brown (if that is what you have) to the flesh color and mottle a VERY thin layer on what you have before you ditch this effort and see what happens. I certainly don’t have all the answers, but help when I can - we were all new to begin with!

@pia Can I strip it after it has been baked?

Winsor Newton Brush Cleaner and Conditioner will strip after the paint is cured. Here is the link that I posted on another thread a day or so ago if you aren’t familiar with this product. Cotton balls, tooth picks and a toothbrush and you are on your way to a clean kit.


Thanks again @pia, I have some of this and found it at Michaels. I use their 50% any regular priced item to purchase it and will go back today to grab more bottles of it. I see this is essential and I’ll be using a lot of it in reborning.