Paint peeling

Working on Kadence and Kaelin… Why do I not remember how much I dislike putting eyes in the baby’s head? Struggling and then something I haven’t had happen before happened. The paint on her cheek is now coming off…Better to know now than for it to be in the hands of my grand daughter but I just wondered if someone could tell me why this happened. She was sealed yesterday so I thought we were good to go.

i have never seen Genesis peeling;are you using air dry?

I have always used air dry.

I’d assume the sealer wasn’t fully set yet. For rooting they tend to say you should wait at least 48 hours so it can set.


That is a relief… lol. I usually let them set longer anyway. The next one I have to abuse (put eyes in) has been sealed for a few days.

Possible causes:

-Vinyl under the paint had oily residue, causing the paint not to stick well
-Vinyl was not primed first
-Paint was not fully cured - This especially is an issue when squeezing kits to put in eyes. It is best to wait at least a week after varnishing if you will be inserting eyes from the front or in any manner that will involve squeezing the head.

Thats really strange, Im certainly not an expert but I have 3 with eyes right now and Ive put the eyes in and out during different stages of painting and not had a problem. I also use air dry paints, liquitex, Jo Sonja, W&N, and LDC…I have a bit of all. So, I suppose, it must have been the sealer, still, seems strange.

Maybe it has something to do with the vinyl? I just got the Kaelin kit so I’ll make sure to prime her, just in case.I Usually don’t bother with primer.

It may not have sat long enough after sealing. It was only just over 24 hours.

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You can use Golden Fluid Matte Medium as a primer or add paint (only paint no water) to if if you are doing an all over neutralizing layer and you can kill 2 birds with one stone.

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I don’t have the Golden Matte but I have the Satin fluid medium…however I do have Liquitex Matte Gel which I typically use, mixed with water and paint, so I guess I am doing primer after all LOL. I was using the Matte Gel in every layer of paint but now I use the Fluid medium in most of them. I don’t really know that it dries much slower as that is what its intended for but it seems to make the paint easier to blend.
I usually do a mint layer first but I wanted to try a light blue one on my Landon, he’s all washed up and begging for paint over here ;).

Read your product labels. If it says it can be used as a translucent ground, then you can prime with it. If it doesn’t say that, it is not suitable as a primer but still has adhesive agents that will make your paints stick better.

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So I can use my Golden as a primer as well?
Ive read your posts, and watched your videos, and they are the reason I bought the Golden in the first place to mix in with my Soft touch varnish. Its not a medium that is typically carried here in France but I ordered it on Amazon, it took awhile to get here so Im not sure where it came from, possibly the UK, I should look at that because I really like it and would like to find a regular place to buy it from. I also ordered the Reborn FX Matting powder to use instead of corn starch. Thank you for all your experimenting and sharing :slight_smile:
I went ahead and bought one bottle of the paint (baby FX) as well, just to try.

Golden Glazing Liquid is a great product. I used it for a good long while before I switched to the Golden Liquid Matte Medium. The Glazing Liquid has more of a sheen and less tooth to the finish than the Golden Fluid Medium. When I first started using the Glazing Liquid, I was using it with just paint mixed in and no water to do my neutralizing/color warming layer first and it did seem to act as a primer. Then added a couple drops to each subsequent paint layer along with my distilled water. I do not think it is specifically marked as being usable as a translucent ground but it does seem to seal off the vinyl pretty well none the less. If this is all you have access to, it is much better than painting directly onto bare vinyl and you should be fine. If you decide to try the Matte Fluid Medium later, you can order it off Amazon too. Both Golden and Liquitex makes their own version of it. I have just always used the Golden Brand.

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There are a couple of shops that sell Golden paints and mediums, they just did not have the Glazing Satin Liquid, Ill look to see if they have the Matte medium. Thank you again :slight_smile:
I really appreciate those of you who share your knowledge with those of us who are new and still finding their way. Also, I really love reading about your experiments and its great that you document them :slight_smile:

Is it this one?|mp

Yes, that is the one I am using. Even though it says it is matte, it is not totally matte but it does have less sheen than the Glazing Liquid.

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