Paint not staying on kit

Anyone having trouble with kits not holding paint. I have a Jacelyn kit that I painted 4 time with air dry paint and it would not stay on. then striped it again and used gen and even matte sealed it first.
just finished painting the eyebrows and took it out of the oven to find 2 spots were the paint was down to the bear vinyl again. do you think I should tell BB about it.

Did you wash the kit before painting?


Washed with soap?

Primed for air dry?

Oven temp for GHSP checked and using a convection oven with an oven timer in side the oven with the kit and using an extender ring?


Was your kit washed and rinsed really well in Dawn dish soap? What type of air dry paints were you using? Did you prime your kit first before you used the air dry’s? Were you using the correct mediums with the air dry’s?? These are all important questions, I hope we can help you figure it out.

Some people recommend cleaning the doll with rubbing alcohol to remove oils. I have never done it myself.

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I wash them first and then rub them down with alcohol after they are dry, just to make sure all the oils are gone, especially in the little nooks and crannies ;).

I have the same problem with Lane. After 3 try, paint don’t want to stick. I wash it with soap, then use alcool, try different primer, use different ratio in medium vs paint vs water, nothing seem to work. I have give up on him !

Maybe a defect in the vinyl coating ?

Or too much of something in the paint. I have had darker paint that did not stick well.

I have washed the kit with winsor newton. and then dawn. then clean it with 91 percent alcohol. I did this every time I stripped it. that was with air dry paints.
Then stripped it again and even put it in dish washer. witch takes off any oils. my husband did this with a kids car he was painting that would not take paint. I have done this with other kits now. to make sure all the oils are off. but this silly thing will not take the paint. I just finished it again. I sealed it before I painted and at the end. and guess what the paint still is coming off.

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I have been doing dolls for a long time and I have never had this happen were I can’t get it to stick . and as you can see I don’t give up very easy. lol I painted this thing 5 times.

5 times! that has got to be very, very frustrating.

You are way more patient than I am… by the second time that kit would have been in the trash. :joy:

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Try the Multipurpose sealer by Americana as a primer. It seem to work well.