Paci's and Bottles ready

Got some pacifiers cut so Scarlett can use them and got some bottles sealed.


What do you use to make the fake formula ?

I use flour and water at the moment but it’s not ideal. It separates really fast and if you leave it in the bottle for too long the nipple fills up with air or gets sucked inside (depends on bottle). Not to mention if left too long its smells really bad. Its fine if it’s just for a picture or a roleplay but not really for display. I am trying to find a new recipe.

try filling the bottle 1/3 of the way with white lotion, fill to desired amount with water, and add a tiny bit of yellow food colouring on a q-tip and mix it around, then close the bottle and shake it
always comes out perfect for me, never separates
you could even use a yellow marker if you don’t have food colouring


oh okay, i’m sure theres a better way.

I’m gonna try that! Thanks!

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also forgot to add it doesn’t rot! :slight_smile:

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You can also use fabric softener, doesn’t smell and last a really long time.


I also use white fabric softener with a little water and a tiny drop of yellow food coloring.


I use lotion also and a drop of yellow craft paint. I’ve tried fabric softener but it was way too thick and gloopy to look like milk, even watered down. I tried multiple lotion brands and found Jergen’s to work the best.

Jergen’s is the second and fourth, I believe. The first is cetaphil baby (with no yellow, it’s just that color naturally) and I can’t remember the other


It may depend on the brand, my fabric softener is very watery. I may try jersen,s lotion, I have a big bottle I don’t use.

I had mine a bit and it turned into pudding also. I don’t know what brand it was, it came with a doll I bought.

I, too, have a big bottle I dont use. I am gonna ask my mom if I can use it. We have had it for like 5 years.