Pacifier to fit Leilani

I remember someone posted which brand pacifier fits Leilani yawning but I can’t find the post can you tell me?

Nuk style pacifiers fit the best.:0)

Thank you. Do you know which size?

Newborn. I just bought a Walmart brand for mine. I am going to have to cut off the tip but the shape fits well

Was just at Walmart and picked up both sizes cuz this was not posted yet. Will see which one works as on my way home now.

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Well that was a big waste of money! Neither one fits right. :roll_eyes:

I used a double magnet and a magnetic pacifier.

I got it all figured out. I snipped the end of a paci that was an almost fit and filled it with silicone letting it round out over the end to make a new bulb. It works great!


You can see her paci here