Pacifier Clips Anyone?

Just wanted to show off what I’ve been working on for the last few weeks. My goal is to eventually be able to have enough product to get a table at some local craft fairs. I’m going to be making other things too, but I’m a little stumped on them lol.

My sewing skills aren’t spectacular, so be gentle lol


Those are lovely! What about making some little baby ties. Love the bowties

@RebornReflections I was thinking about those too! I need elastic for the headbands, and I need to find the little slider things and I think I can make bow ties too.

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So cute! Love the matching bow ties :blush:

I need to order more suspender clips as I have all but run out of them :scream: Just have one left lol…

Here’s my stash so far :wink:

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Suspenders with matching bow ties would be adorable too :blush:

I totally need suspenders and a bow tie for Dwayne!