Pacifier addiction

Anyone else have one lol.


Ummm, for your dolls or yourself?


For the dolls, yes I am so picky about the ones I get and I want the preemie winged looking ones.


I haven’t got to buy any. My kids don’t want any for their doll except for Sofie cause her mouth is open. they don’t like the idea of a magnet I think.

So what are your favorite ones to modify that lay right? :slight_smile:

Have you looked at the Honey bug pacifiers? They come with an enclosed magnet in them so you only have to add one inside the head. The magnet is on the top side so they’re pretty flat by the mouth…


The ones that already have magnets in them look like toys to me. I want real looking ones.

The jolly pop ones are great for Sophie.


Lol I love the real ones. Burlington had 3 packs today for 1.99 I went nuts haha


Twin A got me hooked bc she takes a paci great


I have WAY to many pacifiers! Lol! :laughing: I counted 90! I have a lot of dolls with open mouthes, so…


On the magnetic ones, I use magnet sleeves. Works awesome.

Allows you to turn the magnet around for different babies.

I love paci’s and usually grab a few everytime I go into a store! I just got one at target that has a pink mustache and above the mustache it says" I" and below it says “you a question”… “I mustache you a question” it’s so cute! I gave it to my niece and even though it’s so cute and funny, we couldn’t stop laughing, it is so heavy bc of the huge mustache, she keeps dropping it!


I would be concerned that the magnets would slide out and a child would swallow it… :fearful:

Each Time I send a baby home I send two binki’s (paci’s) :gift:

Gosh you guys, I haven’t even put a magnet in the mouth yet, I have NO babies that take a pacifier, I guess I’m NOT addicted to them.


Don’t worry, Lynn, I’m not addicted, either! :smiley:

I used to really like pacifiers. I would look at them a good bit. Now that I actually have reborns I’m not very into them at all. I hardly ever look in that part of a baby section. I think if I get a Twin A someday that I’ll start up a collection…I do have an eye for those Suavinex pacis.

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