PA Doll Show


I got to go to a doll show, and had the great pleasure of meeting @JodyHershey
I can stop telling you how happy to meet you I am. You are awesome artist also friendly and kind.


So cool!

Did you have a booth also @mcurbelo? Or just visiting @JodyHershey’s booth? :slight_smile:

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No it was my first time assisting to a show. I just visit Jody’s


Beautiful Babies and I see Boyd’s Bears!

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Wish I would have known. I would have gone to this!! Where is it exactly?

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I’m so glad you two got to meet!!

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@DollyPardon and @LittleLeo I found out about it through Doll Show USA Events Page ~ Pennsylvania PA
Jody told me about one in NY this Dicember. She would be sending me the info I’ll share it here when I get it


Good morning ladies !!! This doll show is the Central Penn Doll club , this yr it was located at the Lebanon expo fair grounds in Lebanon Pa. It was a really nice area compared to the old Hershey school they used to hold it in , the last show we did there i was put in a back room with others and very lil ppl came in soooo not a good show . I usually dont do well there anyway i like to set up in hopes to getting some exposure but as far as sales… not good i only sold one baby there each yr except my 1st yr setting up i did great . ppl say my prices are to high but they dont realize the cost of the kits and supplies … oh well what do you do ?? anyway they hold it every yr the same time in oct the sunday after the hershey car show . You can get the info on line under central penn doll club. Another factor about not a lot of sales the area is its a bit depressed ppl dont like to spend over 50.00 and to see a doll for 300 they think you are crazy to spend that much on a doll baby lol . i had a lot of ppl that never seen these babies before and were very intrigued by them … but by no means was spending that kind of money on a doll… I also have a repeater come by with rude comments wanting to buy a doll but couldnt cause she just could afford it , she has come by every yr and still has something rude to say and just leaves , she was interested in my Elliot … i had him at 250 told her 200 and she stomped away … she dont understand there were only 150 of these dolls made world wide according to his COA so i didnt think my asking price was to much. Anyway it would be awesome to meet more ppl that love these babies !!! So come visit !!! Hugs to all :slight_smile:


Yes BOYD bears Anne I went to a auction and bought all these brand new still tagged bears for under 30 dollars !! I use them in my set up at shows . Hugs


mcurbelo the show in dec isnt in NY its in the next town up from lebanon . the town of myerstown and its a craft show . this will be my 1st show there and they only allow 2 ppl to sell the same item , i will make the second person to show reborns . i dont know what to expect since i never been there before . so it isnt a doll show they will have crafts , it is to raise money for the Elco Shcool Band , most craft show have alot of ppl and i heard the lady that sets up there sells out every yr her prices range from 300 to 1500 … so im told but i guess i will see dec 3rd all i can do is cross my fingers lol give me a call if you and your family would like to come and i can get you the address . Hugs


Hahaha I don’t know where I got MY from. We would decently be interested in going. :hugs:

Lol yes it would be a fun group. Yes pls do call u have my card I can give u details. Hugs

Jody have you thought about coming to the ROSE Show with your babies? They are so pretty!

My family is from this general area, so believe me, I’m not surprised about this, @JodyHershey. Wish it was different and you could have sold more. You are so right that people have no clue about how much supplies cost and how much time we put into making these babies.

As for me, I don’t sell anything, but would have been thrilled just to meet another person who does this. So basically I would have been there to admire your babies and cheer you on. :smile:

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That is cool- my kids are in Donegal’s band!!! Good luck😊 Your babies look nice.

Who’s the baby in the pink and white sleeper with the pink headband on the right of bbs Aisha?

Did you enjoy?

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Yes I did :kissing_heart:

Hello Dolly if u live in the area pls do come to the dec 3rd craft show at the Myerstown elco school . I would love to meet u and anyone else that comes !! I think doors open at 9 to 3. Hugs Jody

That is the Elliott kit. Only 150 made world wide according to her COA. She is 67 / 150 by Jacquelyn Gwin