Oval Glass Eyes---

Do the oval glass eyes work in All kits? If so, do you used the ‘recommended’ eye size or do you ‘go up’ a size? I am working on my 7 month June and I have a size 24 half round eyes for her (not yet inserted) buy they look like they might have small gaps at the corners when they are ‘in’. Also, the socket itself seems very shallow, has anyone had any problems with eyes on her? What size and shape did you use, and how do they fit? TIA


Do they make a bigger size then 24mm? I’ve been kinda working on her a bit and I do like the oval glass eyes since they are much easier to just insert through the front so this definitely has me thinking… I am so scared to insert through the back because I just know I’m going to give her a new face that neither her or I even asked for lol.

Pabol has 26 mm oval glass eyes.


If I remember I used 24mm oval glass and they where tight.

I have been using the oval eyes from Macpherson’s a lot lately because I have so much trouble with their full round ones bought in last year fitting correctly in any doll. I have all sizes and colours of oval and round so I play until I find the right fit and look for the doll. Sometimes I will put the ovals in vertically and the fit is better. The bigger ovals in blue look kind of staring-like in my opinion. Full round blue are more realistic–if you can get them to fit


I did. I need a bigger size because I used oval. I filled
in the back some and they fit ok then.