Oval Glass Eyes any ony use these flat backs?

Several of the Tamie Yarie kits do better with flat back oval eyes. You put them in just like the round flat backs.

I had ordered some off Ebay that looked a lot like Real eyes. I used them in my Maggie.
Kamden - SOLD 07/09 by Angie Jones
They fit MUCH better than the rounds ones did. Kemperdolls.com also sells the glass ones. I used those in the past on some of the Berenguer SE dolls.
Josephcloseup.jpg photo - Angie Jones photos at pbase.com
(this is from several years ago before my skills improved)

We also have oval glass eyes. They are the same ones that we commonly see elsewhere in the $15 to $20 range, and ours are $6.95 to $12.95. Here is a link:

Bountiful Baby

We have companies that buy them from us for resale-- that’s why you often see these same eyes at $15 to $20 elsewhere.

But by far the most popular eyes we have are the Bountiful Baby half-round polymer eyes. That’s why we have such a hard time keeping them in stock. Here is a link:

Bountiful Baby

The eye socket for most kits is shaped for the half-round, but oval can generally be used as well. For the oval eyes, you might need a stronger glue (such as E6000), though, since the eye socket typically isn’t shaped for oval eyes. But it typically will work, even if the eye socket isn’t shaped for it.

Bountiful Baby

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Ok, Thanks everyone I like the Bountiful Baby half-round polymer eyes the best but you are always out of the size and color I need??

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We are expecting another shipment either today or tomorrow. The shipment should have all of the following:

Well you learn something new every day! I didn’t realize BB sold oval eyes!