Our First Full-Body Silicone, Blinkin Awake Girl, is Available Now!

We have exciting news!

Our first, full-body silicone is available now! Blinkin Awake is now available as a silicone kit (the female version). This adorable kit was sculpted by Donna RuBert and is about 16.5 inches long.

You can see more photos of Blinkin’s silicone kit, as well as make her yours here: SILICONE Blinkin Girl - Full-Body Silicone (16.5" Reborn Doll Kit) - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC)

We are so excited for this adorable new kit, and you can’t beat her price for a full-body silicone!

Have a great evening,
Bountiful Baby

Will you have full bodied silicone realborns? Or other hand sculpted full bodied silicones?


Some young child might love this… I don’t see it appealing to many silicone artists? Are the vinyl kits of this sculpt even popular except with children?


Because Realborns are from scans of real babies, we don’t have any plans to make anatomically correct full-body Realborns. We discussed that and decided it would violate the real baby’s privacy. On the anatomically correct Realborn plates that we do have, we didn’t specify which baby’s scans the torso came from, and the diaper area was sculpted by Denise Pratt (again, for privacy).

We do hope to have more full-body sculpts in the future, though!



I was thinking the same exact thing, I don’t understand why they seem to be releasing the least popular sculpts in silicone, with the exception of Darren. After all the excitement of them starting to offer silicones the selection has been really disappointing so far.


I am not fond of these sculpts myself, there are much more realistic ones to choose from.
But wanted to ask if all of them have seam lines and pour spout area?


All of the full-body blinkin silicone kits have the seam line and pour spout area pictured in the blank silicone photos (there is a line across the back of the head and back, and a pour spout near the crown area)

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I think it’s a cute kit. Will there be prototypes or will she just be advertised with the old vinyl pictures?

Cant you just sculpt the body and not use scans for that part? Just a thought. Like. Sculpt the body and use the scanned arms and legs and head.


I was thinking this lol, that’s actually what I meant for them to just make the full body realborns by doing the normal scans then sculpting the torso section :heart:

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Yep. They have the measurements and honestly a good sculptor can make an incredibly realistic torso.


For the comfort and respect of the real babies, We will not be creating a full body anatomically correct kit.
Yes, we could hand sculpt the body and not use scans(for the record BB has never scanned a diaper covered area of a real baby), but these babies are real children who may be teased about it.

This is very specific to the Realborn babies, for full body silicones they will be created from the wonderfully talented sculptors that create full body sculpts:)

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Wouldn’t it be possible to just make them ‘barbie’ below the waist? Or would you suspect it wouldn’t sell as well?


I was meaning just a generic baby torso sculpting, not anything specific to each baby then they could put a disclaimer in the info section that only the head and limbs are of the real baby and the torso was hand sculpted without the baby in mind.


I actually really like this idea. As someone that makes hospital training dolls, this would be great.

Is there a way to differentiate between silicone Blinkin by BB and the Chinese knock-offs that I’m now seeing?

Knockoffs of Blinkin?

If so (and other knockoff BB kits) you should send the link to the knockoff to BB customer service.
Hopefully they will get it to the right person

@bountifulbaby is that the correct way to report it?

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Knockoffs of full-body silicone Blinkin. They’re all over eBay and have been for a while. Honestly, I was shocked that BB released these, as they look exactly like the ones being sold from China. I wonder if the release was a way to combat this issue though. I swear I just saw two or three yesterday, but now that I go back and look for them specifically, I can’t seem to find them.