Our first ever Owen Awake and our final Laila, on eBay Now!

Hey Everyone!

We are proud to introduce our newest Realborn® baby, Owen Awake! This cutie was beautifully reborn by the talented artist, Jacqueline Kramer. This sweet little ball of personality is on eBay now! http://r.ebay.com/jnMgoz. To sign up to be notified when he is released, be sure to click on the link in his item description Bountiful Baby.

We also have a gorgeous Realborn® Laila prototype on eBay! This will be our final Laila on eBay before her release. She was so perfectly reborn by the amazing Bianca Franke: http://r.ebay.com/FNpjpd. If you would like to be notified when Laila is released, here is her item: Bountiful Baby. Laila is arriving close to the beginning of the new year, so keep your eye out for her release!

Happy Holidays!

Bountiful Baby


They are two of my favorites.