Our 50 50 50 Sale!

50 Kits, 50 Bodies, 50 Other Items! We have…

50 different kits ALL for 50% OFF!
50 different bodies ALL for 40% OFF!
50 other items ALL for 40% OFF!

ALL are prominently displayed on our home page:

Hurry, because this sale will end at ANY time!

Nevin Pratt, CEO


Awesome sale!!!

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Y’all need to have these sales on payday :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I wish i was U S now than i buy them all :joy: :rofl:
Just looked ther are so many but the fees :cry:

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I got 2 Sage. I have been wanting her.

I got a couple 3 month Joseph asleeps. I was going to get a Darren, I used to love that kit so much, but figured I’d get a couple of what have been great sellers for me on the past and finish the 40 newborn kits I already have before buying more…

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I wish they had Grumpy Sage. I would love that one too.

Went ahead and got 3 year June. :heart: any idea on when her body will be restocked @bbsupport ?

Oo yay! Got a couple bodies I needed along with 2 extra kits because who wouldn’t at 50% off :joy: Sage asleep newborn and pearl asleep because those two are just cute! Now to stay away for today because that was yesterday’s orders :thinking::joy:

THANK YOU Bountiful Baby!!! Much appreciated.:heart: I ordered two kits.