Ott Magnifying Lamp = life changer! currently on sale!

I just bought at Ott Light and WOW…my reborning world has been rocked. I had no idea how bad my eyesight is and just how much difference a magnifying lamp could make in painting. You can see every single detail. Just thought I’d let everyone know they are currently on sale at Joann for half off!!! It’s definitely a purchase I don’t think anyone would regret. Today I think they have an additional 15 percent off your entire purchase including sale items coupon!


Thank you for the info.:grinning:

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@coastalcuties Yes, I got the OttLite Space-Saving LED Magnifier Desk Lamp. It was a regular 60 bucks and I paid less than 30 for it a few days ago!


I have the honey browser add on and it somehow gave me even more of a discount. I did site to store pickup!

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I have one of these lamps, but the internal lamp is so much better to see what you are doing, while also keep the vinyl warm and soft. The OttLite or any other table lamp still casts shadows. I also use magnifying glasses.

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