Ott Light question

Does anyone know if you can be allergic to the light produced by the Ott light? I have been working on “Corbin” some the past few days and my right arm that is exposed the most to the lamp is all broke out in what looks like a sun rash. I have had sun rash before from the beach, but I haven’t been outside to get a rash. This is just on this one arm and not the other, but it just dawned on me it could be the lamp.

Anyone ever heard of this?


I’ve never heard of it but who knows-----it could be-----maybe try some sunscreen on that arm while you are working with the light and see if it helps, maybe !!! Just don’t touch your doll parts with your arms with it on you.

That would be a strange reaction. The sunscreen sounds like a good idea.

Yes, the lamps are full spectrum, so if you get a rash from the sun, you can get a rash from the lamp. I have seen people with rashes from the old sun lamps. Also, a young nurse aide that worked with me got a sun rash from a tanning bed. You have to be careful of the UV rays.

I used to get a sun rash every year when we would visit the Gulf Coast of Alabama. I have not gotten that in years…not even here on the Atlantic coast of Daytona Beach. Just weird that light would cause it. It hit me tonight while I was doing my homework for school that it was that light…it is just my right arm that is always under that light when I am painting. This is just great LOL… NOT!


Try wearing long sleeves.

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Hey Mandy, I like Amy’s suggestion. Wear long sleeves, or move the lamp light out of the area of your arm, or wear a sun block. This is one problem that is easily fixed. I have my full spectrum light just over the baby part I am working on, and I often pick the part up to paint so I haven’t run across that problem. Best wishes on working out your problem. :smiley: Diane

Again I’m going to say…you learn something new everyday. Love this Forum.


Oops, sorry forgot to put a “,” after the word Again. :wink:

I had no idea that could happen, good to know.

Thanks everyone! I never even thought this could happen. I do love the lamp so I will try to wear a long sleeve or sunscreen and see what happens. That is all it could be… if it had been anything else I think I would have broke out all over and not just locally. So weird! I will be glad when it goes away LOL…it itches!

My hand is itching. I’m very suggestible! LOL

It is definitely itchy LOL

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