Orlaith Powers with a wig?

I just took these photos of Orlaith with a wig I purchased several months ago. It’s just sitting on her head. I cut a trash bag full of hair already and may cut some more😂. She is another sculpt that has drunk up the paint. With every layer I thought she would be darker, but I think she is a pretty color. Do you think the hair is too much? I don’t root scalps.


There are no pictures showing up. Your pictures must not have uploaded.

**Duh, on me, thank you


I think the wig looks good on her. I’d use it.

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Thank you for your comment.

I think it looks good. Would it be possible for you to paint or root just a few hairs at the hairline? I think it’d help it blend very well

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The wig looks good. Personally, I would cut a tiny bit more off, just my opinion.

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The wig isn’t attached yet. Just a trial run.

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