Ordered promise kit but received a different kit! Help me identify the kit

Clearly The promise kit has a slighty open mouth and rounded ears

Looks like you got Zodi instead. Zodi Fairy Kit
They probably share limbs. If you will contact Marita, I am sure she will replace it with Promise. However, it was only the “original sculpt” that looks like the mouth was slightly open, the prototypes all appear to have a closed mouth as well.

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Thanks so much Pia :slight_smile: I bought this kit from a lady on facebook so I did send her a message but haven’t heard back from her yet (in her defense it hasn’t been long since I notified her) so I guess I will keep her but I really had my heart set on doing the promise kit

Hopefully, you’ll hear back soon and get you squared away.

I ordered these 2 kits: Promise and Zodi and I received them yesterday. They are both really cute but one of the ears on the promise kit is a little smashed., In other words it looks like it was smashed when the vinyl was hot (I don’t know how the vinyl is molded) or the original ear on the clay sculpt was smashed before it was ever molded. Maybe it was just the kit I got, but that ear isn’t too good, the rest of everything is adorable.

I wonder if the FB lady got both kits and sent you the incorrect one? You got the photo information for the other kit. @lynn - are the limbs the same on both kits? Hopefully the seller will be able to clear things up?

Pia, the limbs are the same, Really cute too,

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Worse case scenario, you can always get your money back because the item is not as described. Hopefully, you’ll be able to get the correct head, though.

Did you pay with PayPal?

Yes I paid using PayPal

She contacted me back and was very apologetic and willing to do what ever I wanted, she offered to contact Marita and get the right kit, but I told her I wanted to keep this kit, honestly I never saw this kit before and probably would of never bought it but once I had it in my hands I wanted to make this kit so I’m happy with the out come and I’m happy she was so accommodating


Too funny, that’s what I thought when I first read your post. I was hoping you would just keep him and order Promise, in addition. They are both so cute!

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