Orange Baby Help

So I am trying to make an african American baby and as you can see it’s not going right, the baby is orange, is there anyway to fix that? Also does anyone have any pointers for making a darker baby?

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@snuggle2me has a great tutorial for sale. Everyone who has bought it and followed it have made very cute babies and have said how pleased they are.


Yes!! Carrie’s @snuggle2me tutorial is SO AWESOME!!! Very detailed and easy to follow with lots of pictures!!!
A blue wash will help tone down the orange


Yes, I have it and love it well worth the money! Carrie’s @snuggle2me is very well done and easy to follow. :heart:


Try adding either a green or blue wash.

Thank you for suggesting my tutorial! I currently have this one available from my etsy shop. I’ve another one in the works too that should be available in a week or two. Need to finish the final edit.