Orange Babies

This is more statement than question. I just received a few dolls whom I purchased from some other doll site and I gotta tell you they were expensive (all ove r$100 each) and I am not real taken with their vinyl. BB has them beat for color and softness. They are VERY ORANGE and HARD. You would think for vinyl that expensive they would be really really good huh? Well, I love the faces so will be doing lots of neutralizing washes. Does anyone else find this to be true? BB’s vinyl is really nice compared to anything I have bought elsewhere.

I have had one kit like that. I haven’t done the kit yet. Overall though, I do prefer the vinyl from BB. I wish more of the sculpts from BB had better detail but for the price they are great.

I wonder why BB doesn’t carry some of the other kits, at least give people a choice of a few of the other kits on the market? There are some really cute kits out there. I love BB customer service and would love to buy everything from them including kits that have full arms and full legs for a change. I love BB prices but wished they would have some new kits come out besides the Realborn ones.


YES, full arms,full legs or at least full legs on all kits. Makes it more realistic looking , especially when dressing. I hate not being able to buy and outfit that I really love because I have to cover up the cloth on 3/4 limbs.

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I have to agree. It’s hard enough to get the neck hole small enough to cover the cloth there and then you have to worry about the arms and legs, as well. Sometimes it feels like these babies are only ever going to wear sleepers.


Wearing a onesie t-shirt underneath the clothes help a lot with the neck cloth not showing. It works with some sleeveless outfits, too.

Let me guess… Are they secritist?