Opinions on the Realborns?

First off is Presley. I am not a fan of Presley at all. I really don’t like the lips. It’s just a turn off for me. Asher is one of my favorite kits, ever! I love the awake and asleep version. Kase is also super cute imo. What do you guys think of Presley? He’s quite a popular sculpt but I really don’t like him.

I got both Presleys but haven’t started them yet. Wanting to get kase awake when he is available. I wish they had two sets of limbs at least so there were more differences between the kits. I can see that as a resale problem with returning customers that don’t reborn. As for the lips, I plan to just make them slightly lighter and thinner hopefully.

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I loved Presley Asleep and actually sold one and bought another to do along with an Awake one. I didn’t originally like the Awake, but have seen some lovely versions of him and decided to go ahead an order him. I didn’t like Asher Asleep, but after winning the kit in the give-a-way and painting him, he was just lovely and one of my favorite babies so far. I just finished Kase Asleep and I think he was perfectly turned into a kit and I loved painting him. I don’t really like the Asher Awake and I don’t plan to order that one. Kase Awake doesn’t hold the appeal of the Asleep for me either. Thomas looks too dainty to me in the versions I have seen so far, so the verdict is still out on that one. All in all, I think they are all wonderful kits.


I really like Presley Asleep. I kept the asleep version for myself. I have done two Presley Awakes one as a boy and one as a girl for a client, though I am not personally a fan of Presley Awake. I’m not a fan of Asher asleep, but do like Asher Awake. I love the Kase asleep kit, and can’t wait to try him out. What I like about the realborn kits are the more intricate details and more true to life infant appearance. I haven’t decided about Thomas yet. :grinning:

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Realborns are dolls that are created from computer scans of real babies. They are a bountiful baby exclusive I believe.

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Where did you see a Joshua? I must be missing it. Thx!

homestly I don’t like also but I bought because everybody talk about him … the awake also I don’t like but ended up by buying because I saw on Ebay somebody reborn her so perfect !!! I like asher but not the nose for sleep version. awake asher have better nose

I’ve finished Presley asleep and currently in the process of rooting Presley awake. Of the two I like the asleep version the best. The eyes have been difficult to set without looking crossed on Presley awake. I have Asher and Kase waiting to be painted…I like them both more than the Presleys.

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i first wasnt too fond of the presley asleep sculpt but once i painted him and brought him to life i fell in love with him.

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I just started Presley awake last night I think a lot of you are right about him there are a lot of wrinkles on his arms but nothing on his legs figured there would be a few rolls/creases I do like sleeping Presley but don’t like the fact the limbs are exactly the same I’m a asher fan asleep an awake not sure what I think of Kase yet I did order him but haven’t really checked him out I have heads an limbs all over my house between my 13 yr old niece an myself she has harley rosebud an another one going an I have Owen Presley awake an Byron going but I think I’m gonna let my niece finish Presley awake she loves him all I can say is thank god she has a job now this is a expensive hobby but rather her reborning then running around being a punk I’m very excited about asher awake coming out just hope I have enough to get the both of us one have a good day all of to work fun fun