Opinions on removing Esme's torso

I have a lovely Esme LLE that I finally got about to reborning for myself from my keeper stash. I thought I would love dressing her and showing off her belly etc. However, I am not prone much to redressing my dolls more than 2-3 times a year. I do like to hold a doll occasionally for a sweet cuddle. Esme is so stiff and heavy. She does not cuddle at all. I have considered removing her torso. Then I thought about cutting it where I could put it on and off as I please. I am afraid I might regret cutting it though if I ever did decide to sell her. I don’t know what I should do. As it, I am not enjoying her as much as I would like to. What are your suggestions?

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If you plan on selling her just take her torso off and put it away, use a cloth body and enjoy her for now. If you plan on keeping her then cut it to make a belly and back plate that you can tie together.


I agree with @AnnieSokay.

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Well I couldn’t bring myself to do it!
I got her all undressed and then looking at her body she just looks so perfect I decided just to redress her in a new warm sleeper and leave her be.
I will use this method on the other kits I have here with torso’s like Journey and Atticus but for her I just couldn’t bear to cut it! LOL!


LOL! Is there a link to her where you shared her before? Or can we see her?

My pics were not great because her coloring is softer in person but here is one that is closer to her coloring.


Oh, she is so adorable! I can see how you want to hold and cuddle her occasionally. I am like you with my babies, but I do need one that I can hold and cuddle a little more often. I am still searching for the perfect baby!

I think you can take the cloth body out by just cutting the zip ties not the torso. Then take the limbs and head off. Pull the stuffing out of the body and it should come out easily.