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Being a sculptor myself, I have no idea why this didn’t hit me sooner. It’s been weighing on my mind for a bit now, but I hesitated to post it. Then today I saw a FB post saying what I’d been thinking for awhile and decided to write this.

I have been guilty of saying really negative things about other sculptors’ kits, especially on this forum. I think a lot of us have. Someone posts a new kit that just came out, and we jump in with opinions. Some of them not so nice. I know when I do, I usually don’t think twice about it.

But the thing is, sculptors are people (so ironic that I didn’t really think of this before, I know). They’re not big companies with millions of dollars. They’re artists too, and they put their heart and soul into creating something they love.

So why is it ok for us to pick apart their work? If someone told a reborn artist that their work was creepy, the nails looked fake, the hair style was ugly…they would be gutted. But is it any different when we say those eyelids are weird, those ears are horrid, that baby looks like an old man? I’ve said similar things way too many times and I feel so bad now thinking about how the sculptor could have stumbled upon that thread and read those comments.

I don’t think we’re mean people at all. I’ve posted my sculpts on here a few times and I garauntee there were lots of people that didn’t like them, but they didn’t say anything negative. Maybe some constructive feedback, which I appreciate, but no ugly comments. It’s just easy to forget that this is the Internet and sculptors that aren’t members on here like I am could read those comments and get hurt all the same.

For example, here is Bonnie Brown’s response after reading a FB thread about how much people hated Saskia. Seeing this is what finally pushed me to post this topic.

Reading Bonnie’s post really hit home for me. In a few weeks, probably closer to a month, my Raspberry sculpt will be coming out in silicone. I’m super excited, but I’m also nervous, because it’s the first time my work will really be out there. I hope people will love her, but I also know some people won’t, and they’ll probably tell the Internet that. :laughing:

So what I’m trying to say is, I really regret ever commenting negatively on a sculpt. It’s ok to not like every baby that comes out, but we do have to be careful. Because we’re not just commenting on a kit. We’re commenting on months of hard work, sweat, and tears. We’re commenting on someone’s pride and joy.


I agree Izzy :blush:! So proud of you girly! Can’t wait to see your sculpt in silicone!!! I love that little patoot :heart_eyes::kissing_heart:! Just had to add that I’ve seen many real babies that look like little Paw Paws and I think they are precious :blush:!!! I LOVE a little PawPaw baby :heart_eyes:


I’m so sorry that she felt that way. Obviously, her sales speak for themselves in that her work is just absolutely amazing. And being active on Facebook, she would have to have seen the countless posts filled with so much love and admiration for her work! Being an artist of any type is never easy, and many of us are more emotional than people who don’t create. These things can hit us even harder, but by putting our work out there- any type of work, we are opening ourselves to criticism. And it is very important for us to see the good with the bad. Without it, what would we have to gauge ourselves against, to work for? If I were to look at your work and say “Izzy, I have never in my life seen a more incredible piece of sculpture. It is complete perfection!” and everyone you came across said the same thing, at first you would get a sort of high from it, but after that, wouldn’t you feel like- what now??? What comes next when you’ve fully mastered something and there’s no way to get better? But if I was looking at something you’d created and said “This is really good, but the feet look way too big for the body”, that would be helpful in encouraging you to fix the things to make something truly amazing (just an example, not based on your work). Even the critical things like saying a baby has a bad expression help us to learn. Even if we don’t want to hear it, it is alerting us to what our audience is or isn’t seeking, and in working on something that is meant to be somewhat mass produced, our audience does play an important role. But we must be able to see the feedback realistically and not get hung up on the opinion of one or just a few. This can be very, very, difficult.
Now there is a difference between critique and personal attack. And I hope that no one out here is just being cruel for the sake of being cruel. Unfortunately, these internet trolls seem to pop up everywhere. As you grow as a sculptor, I hope that you never take the inevitable criticism to heart. You are already creating awesome things, and a sculpt is never going to be for everyone, as we all have such unique tastes. Also, I can think of some instances where comments could be really miscontrued. There is a sculptor who creates almost exclusively ugly babies, but I love her for it, because they really have character, and detail that I don’t see in other kits. Sometimes the bad really isn’t bad at all! :heart:


I love love love constructive criticism! I always ask for it and appreciate it when someone tells me what I could improve. I realize that not everyone will like my work. It’s just a part of being an artist, and I’m ok with that. And I agree with you, it would get boring if I got nothing but compliments. But there’s a small part of me that is still a tiny bit nervous about comments that might say that they hate my work…I can’t help it lol! I won’t let it get me super upset and down, but it will sting a little lol.

Its not really my feelings that I’m worried about though, it’s the other sculptors out there. There’s so many unnecessary comments…people saying ‘that baby looks so ugly’, etc. I haven’t personally had negative reactions like that happen to me, but I’ve been guilty of saying stuff about others’ work. I don’t think anyone on here has ever tried to be mean on purpose. We just have opinions.

As artists, we get hurt when someone calls our work ugly or creepy, but we say similar things about sculptors’ work. I think it’s fine to say the sculpt just doesn’t appeal to you or that it’s not your cup of tea, but I think people do need to keep in mind what could be hurtful to the artist.

A rule of thumb I’m going to try and follow from now on is, if you wouldn’t say it to the artist’s face, don’t say it at all. :blush:


Thanks, Summer. You’re so sweet!

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I know, now I’m feeling bad about my post “What’s wrong with Amber’s ears” I hope I didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings!!!

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I don’t think it is criticism of the person sculpting or their work as much as it is looking at the sculpt and saying I don’t care to purchase that one because the features are not what you in particular like…Sculpting is difficult because you see in your mind what you want but then your hands need to work even harder to satisfy yourself that this is what you were working toward, your heart and soul were poured into this work of art. People are not intentionally tryng to hurt feelings or criticize the sculptor it is an object a material item to purchase for them and they look at it as such, not how the artist invisioned it or how they poured themselves into their work. So maybe its hard for an artist to put themself out there and take some negativity,take a chance, someone might love your work or not care for it.Be proud of your work and never let others direct you off your chosen path , if you are happy and confident in yourself praise is only a second reward. My thoughts only as a painter and doll creator.


You are so right @izzy! Artists, no matter what their medium is, are usually opening their hearts when they create. We have to be open to let our creativity flow, but that opens us also to being hurt. Constructive critique is fine if asked for and it can be very helpful. But calling someone’s work ugly or wrong in some way, while so easy to do online, is hurtful. That’s a good intent…don’t say anything online you wouldn’t say to the person face to face…and one I wish more people would try. Because making cruel comments about an artist’s work is almost like making cruel comments about their heart and soul!


@Shera1 I understand what you are saying, and there are several new sculpts out right now that have no appeal to me whatsoever. However, someone put a lot of work into making them and the prototype artists did as well, and I’m not going to go on and on online about not liking the way they look. We all like different things and that makes the world a more interesting place. If there’s a sculpt or reborn I don’t care for, I’m not going to great lengths to make that known all over the world. I’ll just be glad my bank account can rest a bit and wait for the ones that are coming that I do like.
We don’t have to put everything we are thinking on social media! It’s almost like having the internet has somehow given us all permission to say things we’d never say in person, because we don’t have to deal with the consequences of saying those things in person either! Our words online have no body language or facial expressions going with them to make people who read them more aware of what we are meaning, and they can sting even if they weren’t meant to hurt!
I’m glad @izzy posted this, because seeing just how fragile a very talented and loved artist is makes this even more real. I know harsh criticism hurts me, but I’m a very small fish in a very big ocean. Realizing someone who is such a loved and respected sculptor feeling the same way was eye-opening!


If you are putting your work out to the public…better be prepared for the good AND the bad.

EVERY person is different and has different tastes…not everyone will like the same thing.

That’s life!!!

Of course…I want people to like my work…but if they don’t…that’s their right to
have that opinion.

I don’t live or die…or quit or not quit because of someone’s words about my work
I do it because I love doing it!!!


2layz…just read your comment…and I also agree about having some
restraint when using social media…there is a difference between
not liking something and being MEAN and NASTY…

Social media…because of lack of eye contact when saying it…
makes it SO easy to be hateful!!!


Wow. Something just clicked in my head. I had never thought about it this way either. Thank you for posting this. It really opened my eyes.
Congrats on Raspberry! Please post more info on how we can order!! I’d love to attempt to paint one…It’d probably look terrible with my paint job, but I’d love to try!

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If I was Bonnie Brown, I’d let the negative people know that I’d cry about their comments all the way from the bank back to my dream job again. :joy: But that’s me, I’m older, hardened, and just don’t really pay attention to negative people.

I’ll confess that I have never really given much thought to the fact that sculptors are real people with feelings. That will change from this point on. Thanks for posting, and I look forward to seeing a sea of Raspberries soon. :sunny:


Cherie I agree with you…there is good and bad and we have to learn how to take it! I won’t get hurt feelings if someone doesn’t like my work…you’re right, that’s their opinion. It’s the way that people state their opinion that has a bigger impact I think.

We can’t change other people, and there will always be negative comments we’ll have to ignore. But at the same time, I think we can improve ourselves and make sure we’re not adding to the negative!

^(Thought I’d add it’s a general ‘we’ lol…not saying you’re negative…you’ve always been one f the most encouraging people on here!)


I agree that we need to use kindness, but I also want honest opinions about a sculpt I am looking to buy. I would like people to tell me what they like and don’t like so I can make an informed decision before spending my money.

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I guess this comment about ugly is aimed at me, I certainly didn’t mean to upset or be mean or nasty. Maybe there would be another word to be used. If I offended the world of BB forum I do apologize and will from now on just read not comment.

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I can’t speak for Natasha but me personally, I’ve seen lots of people call kits ugly…and not just on here. Honestly, I’ve probably even said it myself. A lot of ladies whom I’ve seen call a kit ugly weren’t doing it out of spite, they were just seeing the kit as an object (like you mentioned earlier) and not as an artist’s hard work. :blush:

I just made this post to hopefully make people think more about a sculptor’s point of view in the doll world.


Please comment! We are all here to be open with one another in a kind way! I’m sure you meant no harm when you said that! Frankly, I think most of us are probably guilty of doing the same or similar at least once before! My uncle used to sing this song to my cousin when she was newborn
"U-G-L-Y you ain’t got no alibi you ugly yeah yeah you ugly" :smile::smile::smile: and that was coming from the daddy :smile:
Don’t sweat it too much girl maybe now that we are all aware we can do our best to carefully choose our words :kissing_heart:

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Speaking of “Ears” (I know we weren’t but—) Has anyone gotten their Scarlett by B. Brown? I love the ears on that baby, they are absolutely adorable. They stick out a little bit and they are just perfect—not too far just enough to make her absolutely unique!!! Love them!!! If you got one, please go check out her ears really good, you’ll fall in love!!