Opinions needed - please read and vote in poll!

Hi everyone! So, I bought a retired Ashton Drake doll that I’ve had my eye on since I started collecting babies back in 2013! I adore his face, and I’m going to take off his hair, but don’t like his original body so much. I think he’d look better curled up like a newborn. So, when he arrives, I have a few options I’m considering…

One: I could just put him on a normal cuddle body. That’s pretty straightforward. I’m leaning away from this option because I already have a cuddle baby, and I’m feeling sorta lukewarm towards her.

Two: I could use Adrie Stoete’s new 1/4 cuddle limbs. This would require some painting, which isn’t my cup of tea… but if I follow her armature instructions, I could curl him up nicely.

Three: As you can see in the picture above, the baby already has 1/4 arms. I was thinking maybe I could commission @RoseannsBoutique (or someone else) to sew a special cuddle body with space for hands? If I’m getting a custom body done, I’d like it to be a little different from a usual cuddle body… preferably, it would be sewn so that the baby automatically looks like this:

…but I’m not sure if that’s possible, lol. I could also put an armature in, which might help.

I’m putting all these options and a few more in a poll in this post… please vote if you can! A comment would be even more helpful, ESPECIALLY if you’re a cuddle body maker who has some input on the sewing end of things.

Thanks for reading!

  • Keep his original limbs and body!
  • Put him on a normal cuddle body
  • Use Adrie’s 1/4 limbs (please recommend someone to paint them!)
  • Get a custom body and keep the original hands
  • Also, I am a seamstress who can help with this project!

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P.S. Should I do anything else with his head besides taking off the hair? Let me know if you have ideas!

You could always get Adrie’s body and use his hands on it, since he already has 1/4 hands - but I’d say commission someone to make you a cuddle body with armature that has 1/4 arms and full cuddle legs, honestly!!

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The legs could definitely be put on a body for full legs. Those look rather long for the 3/4 body it currently has. The arms on the body look like they could be slightly shorter, too.

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