Opinions needed on rooting

I have rooted eye lashes with human hair from babies first hair cut. Just wondering if anyone has rooted a full head? My beautician saved a few pony tails from cuts that were not long enough for locks of love. The hair was washed in the salon before the cut so its clean. LOL!!! I am wondering if a person could get that fine baby hair look. Need some advise if this is a good idea or a bad one. :slight_smile:

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Years ago when Denise Pratt was reborning, she rooted a Berenguer with hair from a baby’s first hair cut (the child must have had pretty long hair) and it looked wonderful.


Thanks ladies for your input. Makes me feel better about trying it. If anything it will be fun to see what we come up with. :slight_smile:

I use hair from my 2 granddaughters age 6 & 8. It turned out great. Little harder to root but worth the time.

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Thanks for the info. I’d like to try human hair also so will give it a go now. I figured it would need a bit more time and attention.

@Corholl Your babies look great!!! I love their hair. I feel lots better about using it now. Thanks for sharing. :smile:

Thank-you. I had to really talk the first time to have them agree to cut it, the older one wanted to let it grow like rappunzell. Now they are more than willing since they know they will get one of the dolls eventually. I really have a hard time giving them up after spending so much time with them.