Opinions, My first reborn.😊

So I have decided to join the reborn artist community :grin:
My daughter wanted a reborn for her birthday, so i decided to try making one myself. Hes not put together yet but soon will be . Here it is .
P.S. i dont think pictures show how as clear

HONEST opinions please. Thank you :smiley:


Great first baby!

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Thank you

That’s a great first baby and your daughter’s going to love him.

Thank you. She definitely will, she knows reborns are pricey and not just a regular baby doll. I told her she has to show major responsibility to get one… lol

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You have a beautiful baby there! Great first baby

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I LOVE IT!! Did you draw or paint his hair? I want to learn how to do that but am scared to try.

He looks great!

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Is that your first baby? Way to go mom, your daughter will be so happy!

Great first baby! You’re a natural at this! :heart:

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That’s a really great job for your first time. Now you’re gonna be hooked! :joy:

That’s a lovely First Baby, your daughter is going to Love him/her!! Are you Addicted yet???

That’s a really nice first baby!

Great first baby! A lot better than my 6th baby.

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Thanka doll. I painted it. It wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be . You should give it a go :blush:

Yes it is. Thanks i hope so :blush:

Already ordered 2 more kits. :flushed: i think im in throuble… lol :woman_shrugging:

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Thank you . I am officially addicted haha 2 more kits already on the way.

My fifth reborn. I am learning a lot. I make mistakes but that helps me learn.


Looks really nice.

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