Opinion on Sofia's eye UPDATED

So I have 2 of these Sofia kits that came in my box of kits I got.
I was toying with the idea of opening up the closed eye. I wanted to make budget babies
that might appeal to tween kids for Christmas time and I am kinda thinking the one eye closed might be a turn off to kids. What do you all think? And who has any advise on how to successfully open the eye and make it match the other one?

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I think it would look better if both eyes were open -they ll look sleepy eyed - better than lazy eye lol - I read once exacto knife and slow and steady to open eyes -but have never tried it - awesome idea on the babies for tweens :slight_smile:

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I think if it were me I would warm the head up to make the xacto knife move easier. If the vinyl is hard it is much easier to make a mistake when pushing hard to cut through the vinyl. I really don’t know but that’s how I would do it. JMO

This vinyl is really soft.

I did have the idea of possibly doing vampire fangs on one of them and leaving the eye shut but not sure I wanna go that route.

Oh well, in that case heating probably isn’t necessary. Good Luck.

Probably easier to close the open eye with polymer clay, I think.

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I don’t want to do that because the clay is fragile and these dolls possibly will go to kids.


I love her! I love the eyes the way they are, lol! If you sell one think of me!

No advice, but wondering if you were trying to make the other eye opening the same size or just open it slightly to be a peeky eye. It seems like opening it where the lids meet and and just above it where that little crease is would be easiest.

I DID IT!!! I got her eye open and sculpted the eyelid on the other one to make them as closely matching as I could. I do not have the other eye in of course because now I have to figure out how to glue it on but I want to paint the baby first.


Looks good. You did a great job. Looks much better.

Wow! She’s looking good with both eyes open. Great job!!!

You did an awesome job!!! :smile:

thank you all!

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Looks a lot better with both eyes open.