Opening sleeping baby's eyes

HI Fellow Doll Artist,
I was gifted a beautiful sleeping reborn doll. She is a 22" and so pretty. Has anyone opened a sleeping baby’s eyes? If so, please tell me how you did it.

Thanks a bunch!


OH, I saw this on one of the posts the other day.Let me see if I can figure out who it was that did one.

I think it was @AmyR777 that had done one and it looked awesome.


Which kit is it? Some closed eyes can be opened easily and look good, others not so much.

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Yes, there are a few artists who did it

Can we see a picture of your beautiful baby?

Calling @AmyR777!!! She’s an expert at waking up sleeping babies!!! :heart_eyes:

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I’ve opened eyes on two babies so I’m not really an expert. :slight_smile:

Use a fresh blade to gently cut. I start by cutting from side to side to separate the upper and lower lids. I try to find an upper eye crease to follow to make the eye open. Dip a Q-tip in acetone and gently rub the sharp edges to soften them. You may need to cut the thickness on the inside of the eye lids so the eye will fit in nicely. Wash the head again in soapy water to get the acetone residue off and also the little pieces of vinyl that stuck to the head.

Paint as you normally would. If rooting lashes, gently root them now. The eyes are where it gets fun. LOL!!! I like to use Super Glue Gel to glue the eyes in. Once that dries, I apply e6000. When dry, I put moleskin over the entire eye. If using applied lashes, you can glue them in.

Here’s the two I did:




I love this Leah! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I opened Leah’s eyes too it was really easy to do


Lexi open eyed think I will use larger doll next go I wanted to cut top of head off so I could have room to work on it .

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LOL!!! :laughing:

Yeah just the truth LOL

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I totally understand! :smile:

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Thanks, that really helps explain it.

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