Opened eye reborns

I am doing my first awake reborn and I am all about the realism so I try to make them as realistic as I can and was wondering when it comes to awake babies and their eyelashes has anyone ever rooted eyelashes upper and lower for the awake baby’s. …cause i was wanting to do this if anyone has can u please share some photos i would love to see this done before i do it…thanks

Most people do root upper lashes. I do not know anything about lower. Good luck!!

Thanks…i just thought i would try to do bottom to since we all have them and i am trying to do it as real as i can go :slight_smile:

Be sure to show us a picture. I am having trouble rooting the top lashes…I will figure it out eventually though!

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I root upper lashes but just faintly paint the lower lashes.


here u guys go I tryed

Lower lashes are barely visible, but they look good to me. I have never rooted lower lashes.

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