Open nose on prototype

Does opening the nose on a LE prototype in any way diminish the collectability value?

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I wouldn’t do it. I’ve found that on some Reborns you can still glue a black piece of felt behind the nostrils and it will shade them enough to give them some debth. I personally think it’s a matter of preference but why risk reducing the number of potential buyers. If a buyer wants them drilled they’ll ask for that to be done at the time of purchase.


I have heard that the vinyl over time can crack if you open noses. This used to be done way back when the depth of nostrils were not deep enough to shade. Now sculpters make them deep enough to be shaded with paint. I wouldn’t do it. Just my humble opinion though.


Thank you.

I have stopped opening the noses.

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I used to open them, but have stopped as well…!!

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I prefer the look of an opened nose… But I didn’t realize it could finish the vinyl overtime!:scream:

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I prefer open noses as well. I think they’re more realistic. If they’re backed well I don’t think they should crack. I’m not saying it can’t, just that I’ve never had it happen. However, I consider LE prototypes to be in a different category and I don’t want to mess up my contest entry so I think I’m just going to shade this one. Thanks for the input.


Wow, I didn’t consider that it might crack. I’ve always opened my noses and backed with felt. Has anyone here ever had it crack on them? I never thought it could affect value. Oh boy.

@jeanhai Are you working on a prototype? If so, I can’t wait to see it!

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I am. It’s for a prototype contest and I am SO psyched! I’ve wanted to try a prototype forever. I’m being extremely cautious with this one-even more so than with my very first reborn. I took 3 weeks just to paint that one because I was so afraid I’d wreck it. (I didn’t)


I am so excited to see!!:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️

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I don’t know if I’m allowed to show it before the judging.

I’m guessing no… ???

Wooohooo! Good luck! I’m rooting for you! :smiley:

Me too!!!

I had reborns for several years with open nostrils with no problems and mine are played with by little kids sometimes. Personally, I have done both shading and opening. Only messed up on my first one when I tried to use a running dremble. Just a small spot that was easily smoothed out. Unless the nostril is really deep, I open them still. Mostly because I feel like the poor baby can’t breathe! To me, it just doesn’t look realistic to shade shallow nostrils and some kits still have them.

I prefer nose not opened.

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