Oops, Big Mistake

Boy did I screw up! So-----I have my doll All done, ready to put together and I got some glue (e6000) on her face just inder her chin a little to the right. I was putting in her hair bow magnet at the time. I tried to take off the glue and rubbed it and guess what…the solvent in the glue remove the paint!!! Now what? I was going to touch up the paint and rebake but the magnet was all dried in there before I noticed the glue and I was afraid to put her back into the NuWave with the magnet so-------Do I just grin and bare it or try to sell her as a booboo bady or just keep her, BTW, she is Sweet Pea Asleep.

I would take the magnet out and fix her. Why leave her that way? She’s worth the effort! :smile:

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I know you’re right, I guess I’m lazy. I’ll do as you suggest. Is it ok to put her back in the oven with the glue on her hair insiude? Thanks for the help.

I haven’t done it, but several people on here have said they have baked with the hair glued with no problem Just don’t say I told ya so, LOL. :wink:

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I have spilled E6000 over my painted dolls many times, it has never taken off the paint. I let the glue dry and then rubbed it off. It came off with no problems. If the paint came off on your doll that would suggest it was not properly cured.
I would also take the magnet out and try to fix her. I would paint a bit on the rim of the neck and after further baking I would try putting just a drop of the glue on the rim and see if the paint is still coming off.


What a great idea, Ludmila. I would never have thought about putting the paint on the flange!

I always put some paint there and that is where I test if the paint is cured.

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See, every day I learn something new. I will be doing this from now on!


Thank you everybody, I so appreciate all the input. I learn something new everyday too.

I have gotten E6000 on a kit that was finished before and when dry, it just rolled right off. No paint damage.