Online Classes With Lara

Does anyone know how the online classes work at Real Reborn I ordered her online class and she said it would start in october but I never saw anything about it. I also don’t know where to go though to see if anything was posted, so does anyone know how these work?

I did the online class in October, that one is over now. I would send her a message on their forum. I did notice that some of the dates for the classes were not accurate.

The newborn basics?

The newborn class is starting in January. They are giving a free kit with that class, I’m signed up for it:) The last class was an African American one.

I signed up for a newborn class in January. Perhaps they changed it? Best thing to do is send her a message.

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Yep I did thanks so much!!

How did you find out about the classes? I would like some infro on them.

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Thank you!