One of my pet peeves ~ add yours ~

One of the things that bugs me the most is when sleeping reborns are shown sitting straight up. You know, like in a chair or playing with a toy or something like that…they are SLEEPING…sleeping babies do not sit up, they do not play. WHY??? BECAUSE THEY ARE SLEEPING.

Feel free to add your favorite. I’m done for now. Carry on.

That one! That one! I totally agree! I know sleeping babies are hard to pose other than lying down with a blanket and maybe a toy but get real, folks. How many sleeping babies really are riding tricycles!!! Although my kids did fall asleep sitting up eating…not that the sitting up part lasted long…as they face planted themselves into the mess of spagetti and beans and cheese on the tray!

Auctions where people show 40 million pictures that are pretty much exactly the same. Why???

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Auction templates w/ music

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OMG that one, too. I cringe when one of those comes up! (also, unless you actually produced the music yourself, you are probably violating someone’s copyright, and could get in trouble if you’re reported).

People that ask for critique and really didn’t want it!

Yes Pia, I agree wholeheartedly with that – and my other pet peeve is photos that aren’t clear (i.e. cell phones, pacifiers, etc.) I know if I were looking to buy a doll, I want clear, close, upfront photos to look at details. Sleeping babies need to be in sleeping positions, but also make sure the legs and arms look naturally posed. I’ve seen some photos with the legs/hips positioned so awkwardly that it looks like the leg is broken.

And really just ONE Pic of baby with pacifier in its’ mouth is sufficient. We get it, really…baby has a paci…geez. SHOW US THE FACE!!!

Only pictures with long sleeves and footed bottoms. You can’t even see the limbs, let alone the details. Especially when it is a kit for sale on a regular site. I want to buy a baby or a kit, not a sleeper and a hat.

Oh the famous pacifier pics- I agree!!!

Yes, just about all above. LOL

… and a listing with millions of the same pictures but none that show the details = feet, hands the hair. One thing that I find really ‘upseting’ is really lovely baby with the crown of the hair being in wrong spot, either too far up to the front or somewhere on the back of the head. I think it really spoils the baby.

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I get a bit bothered when people offer custom reborns and advertise their services with prototype photos and photos from other artists.

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Oh yes! I hate that too!

dark pictures or pictures with flash (bad quality) … i understand not being able to wait in a hurry to show off the baby to us girls on the forum but honestly using that in a listing?? even with a crappy camera on a rainy day if you place the baby laid out on a blanket by a window you will still get a much better picture than with flash or a lamp. or pictures where they have rooted or painted hair but don’t show the details at all… or if the do show a little detail you can tell from the photos that the hair is combed in such a way as to hide bald spots and heavy plugging… bald spots! are people really that lazy that they just plug a few pots comb it over and think … good enough!

Or when it is listed as “micro-rooted” and there are clearly multiple hairs in each follicle! AND nails that look like they are French manicured!

Or when the hair is brushed to look like it has a crown swirl and might be directionally rooted, but you can tell that it’s totally not. Grrrr.

Yes!!! I can’t stand to see outright horribly rooted mega pluggy babies with terrible comb overs by people claiming to be professional or even master artists providing" top quality micro rooting" charging 600.-1000. Nds of dollars!

I don’t even claim to be a pro! And I’m pretty decent at actual micro rooting… nore do I charge that much.

One thing that really gets me is one seller in particular who has 1/2dozen or so Guild membership cards and/or awards for excellence and mastery from those guilds in her listing, which are either non-existent, or they do not take any more members. Investigations show that this particular person is the founder and sole member LOL.

She has been doing it for years; when I first started looking at reborns I wondered how would anybody get an award for badly made doll like that. I asked on some forum and was told that people who tried to become members of these guilds, never got a reply.

But her dolls used to sell for lot, some people are just too gullible.

Why do so many people photograph their babies upside down & sideways so you can’t really see the face unless you stand on your head?

When the baby’s head is turned too far to the side it looks uncomfortable.

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Why do so many people photograph their babies upside down & sideways so you can’t really see the face unless you stand on your head?

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Believe it or not, last night I was just surfing ebay and saw one of those babies…and tried to turn my head upside down to see the face! That is when I decided that maybe this sinus infection had me sicker than I thought and it was time to go to bed! By the way, it didn’t work and I still don’t even know what baby was for sale…which is why I tried to view that listing closer…

I think you all covered the bases. I am not prefect and won’t claim to be. I am trying to get better. I had the child who would drop in his tracks and be sound asleep. If I had a penny for every time he fell asleep on his knees with a toy in his hand and I had to catch him before he face planted the floor I would be rich. I also hate those pictures where you can see down womens shirt and see the cleavage, Seriously? There is enough of that kinda crap going on to sell cars and other things.