One minute old.....UPDATE...2 WEEKS OLD ALREADY!

Here’s Deks @ 2 weeks old:

It’s a BOY! My newest “great” has arrived…thought you’d want to see him, just one minute old. He was born last night at 7:17pm, weighs 9 lbs 5 oz and now Jade and Ambrosia are big sisters! This makes grandchild number 3 for my sister – I will never catch up at this rate – LOL!

His name is “Decimus Apollo” – OMG – parents really had to dig deep to come up with that, right??? He sure is cute, though! If I lived in Iowa I’d be at the hospital – it’s my turn to hold him.

Wow very cute! Big boy!!

Congrats on the new family member… He is a big fella… What in the world will they call him? That is quite a name…

Can you imagine the poor little guy trying to learn to write his name??? OMG In preschool one year, we had an Elizabeth (a name I LOVE) – her parents called her Elizabeth, no nicknames at all. The poor child had to use both sides of the paper but she finally got all the letters written.

On, and p.s. – if this baby had been a GIRL, they’d planned to name her ONYX ANDROMEDA…
good grief…
I’m just glad he’s here and he’s healthy!

So beautiful! I love the way a real baby smells and feels! There is nothing like it.

Thank you! He is a beautiful baby; wish I lived closer to love and spoil him. I do enjoy being a great aunt!!!

Congratulations to all your family. What a wonderful addition! Big boy!

oh my gosh what a perfect liitle boy! congratulations & blessings!! what a big baby! i though my largest was huge at 9lbs 1/2 oz!

congratulations! he’s beautiful

Don’t worry about the names - the kids in school will pick that! My great nephew is Perry Brenton Antone III - and the kids started calling him Bubba!

Thanks, everyone – mommy says his name is pronounced DEK-ih-muss – I am sure the kids on the playground will pick out a name for him

yes… they will probably call him “Decky”…

Whatever For now I’m just glad he’s here and he’s healthy!

Awesome! Congrats grand-aunt!

That name is interesting, but he will never have to worry about having 4 other “Decimus Apollo” in his class. You can always come up with a cool nickname for him.

P.S. He totally looks like a Rubert doll.

Still haven’t seen any more pics of “Dek” which is what I will be calling him – as if it matters much; he lives in Iowa, so it’s not like I’ll be seeing him a whole lot. I would really like to see some more pictures, though…gee…you’d think his folks were busy or something. LOL

He is sp cute and chunky boy

FRED…LOL…love it!


YEP! I’ve been calling him Dek all weekend.

Thank you so much for sharing this picture with us. He is just precious. It’s not very often we get the privilege of seeing one so young.