Once again----

OMG is anyone having trouble with the BUFFERING again??? It’s driving me NUTS!!! What causes that, does anyone know? I’m computer stupid !!


Yep. I’ve got it too.

Yeah, I’ve had it since I joined. It doesn’t happen all the time but it does happen a lot.

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Totally sucks! Stupid buffeting.

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Try emptying your cache if you are on the computer. It sometimes helps and sometimes not.

Um…what’s buffering? :blush:

Lolololololol love it!

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Paula, it’s when we click on a topic and the little circle at the top of the screen just keeps going around and around. It’s as if the system is completely bogged down and it happens way too often. I suppose as annoying as it is…it’s keeping me from just sitting her and ignoring things around the house. :wink:


Lolol me too Cindy! Go buffering! Lolol

Helen, I don’t know what that means--------remember NOT COMPUTER LITERATE!!!

Me, too!!! :flushed:

Me too. Its the site lagging. Happens all the time. I know its not my internet because we now have tge fastest available. And it only buffers on BB forum. The buying website seems fine though.


ok. thanks for explaining. I guess I’ve hd buffering too. I thought my internet was just being slow. it happens often.

Glad I’m not the only one that this happens to quite often.

Now the selling site is lagging and timing out. Server overload for BB?

Yes that is quite possible. There seems to be lots of us on here at times and they may not have enough bandwidth to handle all of us. Meaning their forum server is likely bogged down.

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