On my last doll

I have been reborning for maybe 15-18 years now. On my last kit. Nothing sells anymore and all my supplies take up too much space. I have developed new hobbies I need room for. I will be selling my few random leftover supplies soon.

It feels weird.


Wow! that is a long time. Wising you lots of success with your new hobbies.
And looking froward to see what you will be selling. did you use Genesis? Do you have old paints?


Sorry to hear that you’re leaving reborning ~ you’ve had a great run! I get it, though. Sales are practically at a standstill, the economy isn’t helping, and the fakes, knockoffs, and scammers are pushing us out the door. Reborning used to be FUN, but for the past couple of years it’s feeling like an uphill battle.


How sad. I wish we could go back a few decades to the way things used to be in the hobby. Good luck in your new adventures and of course you can always come back to reborning. x


I am sad that you are leaving the hobby but I totally understand. How many dolls do you think you painting in the last 15-18 years? Did you keep all your photos? it would be cool to see them in a slide show.

You got to do something you loved for a long time, I think that is kinda cool, can’t wait to see what is next.

I hope you will stay here on the forum even though you won’t be painting.

I havent made that many really…maybe 50 because its just a hobby I do in summer (Im a teacher.) I dont keep pictures though, although some I probably still have on facebook.