Omg this baby!

Ugh look at this new Olga Auer kit!! A must have for me! Pre order opens on the 20th


So cute! Is she LE?

I love this one!!!

Nope… open edition so not on my list to order…

Im not sure I cant find anything on her facebook, the kit name is Lillie

I’m happy for open edition here haha. No doll money right now so I don’t have to worry!

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Very cute but not the one I am waiting for her to bring out.

She’s a cutie pie for sure.

Which one are you waiting for,Lynn?

Are you waiting for this unnamed baby from 18 months ago? I am!!



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That’s who I’m waiting on. She never mentioned this baby again. I really hope he gets made.


I was just looking at her on Macs post on Facebook. This one is a must.

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So cute!

Ya I realllly want her :frowning:

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Yes Pia, that’s the one I really want. I hope nothing happened and she decided not to bring this one out for us. I’ve been waiting for this little guy forever!! It’s an Olga A. right? Thanks for posting the picture.

Yes… I sent a Messenger message to Olga and she has not responded…

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She’s adorable but with no free shipping idk how many more kits I need to buy :pleading_face:

I was toying with the idea of doing inventory but I think I’d have a panic attack translating that into dollars spent :rofl:

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Thought she was OPEN?

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