OMG Shaya!



They have to stop!!! I can’t afford all these precious kits! :tired_face:


@Katinafleming I think this is ‘must have’ for you, Katina. I think she is the best sculpt that I ever saw from my reborning start. I am trying to convince myself that for now I need to stick to BB kits.


I can’t wait for this kit. I posted in another thread that I bet she will be as popular as Maizie by Andrea Arcello. Does it say what full price will be?


@MacPhersonCrafts has down $115

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You don’t need to stick with BB kits. You’re great at this. And I agree with Greta. I think she’s going to be really popular. Even if you aren’t confident enough to paint her yet, you need to get her. She will sell out quick. :heart:


Yes! This one is so precious. Where will it be sold?

All these sculptors need to take a sabbatical! There’s no way to keep up. This one will sell out fast.

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Im excited, Ive been waiting for this one…Im glad big, girl, June is not coming out until the end of the month because I have the awake and asleep with torso’s preordered on Dollsgarden in Germany…fortunately they won’t come out until the beginning of next month because they are typically a couple weeks behind the BB release.

I just ordered her… I couldn’t resist those dimples!

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