Omg 😍 reborn puppy!

No clue what kit was used but man this is super cute!!!

My hands hurt just looking at all that hair :joy:

Too good not to share! Just found this item on Mercari. Tap the link to sign up and get $10 off.


I dont think it is from a kit. I think it is a β€œstuffed” animal type like on Bear pile

I need to check that site. I’ve heard about it alot since Dave runs it also but never really looked but this makes me wanna

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Very steep price. :open_mouth:

Oh gosh I need one!! Looks like my Pekingese babies Frankie (creme) and Abbygale (chocolate)

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They are more hand made than a reborn. It takes a lot to create realistic animals.

I am amazed by the talents of these types of artists.


At the doll show I went to the lady next to me made animals using real animal fur and skins. They were amazing, but at first I didn’t realize what went into them and was thinking $300 for a stuffed animal??? They make some really amazing things for sure.


I agree. Incredible talent

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