OMG I am not even kidding you right now

Oh Lord help me! Some people are so insane!

Okay I get that Reborns are creepy to people but I posted the picture of a doll for sale on the FaceBook Yard Sale Group, and people are saying that this doll is made from a still-born that was taxidermied. OMFG. Really?

And the guy is like arguing with me that truly that’s what this is. And people are getting upset on there. WOW!! I think I am going to stick to etsy even though they arent selling on there but sheesh this is insane

That’s really a shame. When people make off comments after seeing my sleeping babies, I just tell them to remember it is an artform, just as porcelain dolls, or rag dolls or toy dolls are. There is nothing creepy about those, and these are simply a different method of producing an heirloom doll. Porcelain dolls have hair, and are often extremely detailed, although most of those are adults – not infants.
I personally think that it would be a marvelous way to display a christening gown worn by someone close, or a special dress from your own childhood – I even think they could be used as “models” for baby clothing/furniture in catelogs or movies!

Very simply explain that -this is NOT possable as it is HIGHLY illegal to sell/attempt to sell/or traffic human bodys in part or whole -and that anyone who would even think this way might want to get some help -these are vinyl dolls -Get a life !!!

I’m with you, Cher. GET A LIFE !!


Yes I absolutey did that too I said that is illegally and morally wrong, so absolutely not lol. wow really i am shocked. did not expect that.

and yes they are morbid wow

Block the blockhead.

Thank you so much everyone for your support!

I agree with what is said, Katie. Block him. Think of all the support you have had with your babies. Don’t let this one blockhead keep you down.

Thank you everyone- I tried to delete them but they are on the fb yard sale post, there is an administrator that maybe could do it. I think he wasnt even trying to be mean but really thought that. I wont let it get me down. ifelt really upset at first because i felt like everyone was thinking i was weird or something but once i explained i had a few girls asking for prices on dolls, so that helps!

— Begin quote from “KatyS86”

Yeah, people like to push their own negativity onto others. It makes them feel more comfortable about the situation I think… kind of like raising themselves up above it.

I was told by a group of women online that I unsult “them” by selling my dolls period, and HOW DARE I sell a doll as a preemie. Oh and that they are insulted I make a doll with down syndrome (my daughter has DS and I think I made a beautiful doll representing her!) and the whole DS community should be insulted.

Its OK to feel creeped out, or uncomfortable. But speaking out rudely pushes it to a different level.
All you have to do is roll your eyes at these people and know they are either:
A. Jealous of your talent
B. Ignorant
C. Miserable people who are just looking for a reason to spread misery and your doll is a good opportunity.

Then move on and enjoy your skills and art

— End quote

[size=14]Aman sister!!! You go girl!! It is all because of Jealous, Ignorant, miserable People!!! You said what I was thinking!!!

This needs a like button!!![/size]

Love little Kelsey! She is beautiful and I love the idea of every child having a doll that looks like themselves. I remember a sweet little boy with DS and heart problems - he was a poster child for Deborah Hospital for a few years, and he was my Dad’s favorite baby! The most precious children are entrusted to the most precious parents.