OMG Did Y'all See This?

This baby is amazing but look at the selling price.

Here are a couple more pics of her. I’m stunned.

OH to be able to root like this.


She’s spectacular!

Wow! She is amazing!

Rooting is AWESOME!


Beautiful! One day far into the future we will be getting those amounts for our babies :smiley: our day will come Gar-ran-tee !

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She’s so much prettier as a girl. I love her!!


Here’s the link to her ebay listing. All of the pictures are still up.


The eyebrows and eyelashes are rooted. I showed this one to my hubby and he wanted to know if I could make one like that. I said of course I can…in my dreams.


Wow, wow, wow!! She’s beautiful!

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She actually painted those eyebrows. I know her very good reborned and the absolutely loveliest person really nice…I’d have to say if you want to invest in a baby that looks amazingly real up close and perfection she is absolutely the one!Oh yes and her hair is perfection she is close with 'll eagles and does most of her prototypes her esme was the best !And was also the one printed on the COA


ALSO did anyone ever tell you Mrs Heartstrings you look like Sally Fields…:blush:


all the time all of my adult life :smiley:


I always love her work! She makes beautiful babies. I fell head over heels with the Kylie she made…wonder where that little cutie ended up! I also liked the Wilma she did recently a lot. Very talented!

Oh my goodness shes is beautiful!!!

Best one of the kit I’ve seen so far!!

HH is one of the best reborn artists out there!!!

Those eyebrows…and that hair…wow. I’ve seen her newborns and those are amazing as well!

She is and really I save her listings to practice she does good pictures but she is totally a professional portrait artist and you can tell.We can all aspire to be as good as she is you really have to have a background in art and have that inborn talent within…like her.I own 2 of her dolls and only "God Above "does better work on a child lol but really.However as an artist she is the best example of where things should go as far as coloring how much color veinning how much veinning etc.It is good practice at least for me to learn to replicate the things I lack with looking at and coping the best of the best.I feel it actually trains the hand if you practice …so have been an art is for 30 years and with that and a gift of seeing color …I have been able to replica t e the painting part however the hair…She has one strand in every hole…I’m surprised she is not talking to people who are not there…lol. Totally love her though!!!The best!


You also seem like you are really really nice to know very friendly and an asset to this forum.:blush:

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Thank you! What a sweet thing to say :blush: