Old Storkcraft Baby Buggy

A few months ago I was driving to meet two girlfriends from highschool. We meet once a month for dinner. Anyway on the side of the road was an old baby buggy. I bought it because I though the wood was so nice. I have been working on it and thought I would share the almost final repairs.


Awesome find :heart_eyes: I love it!!! Great upcycle :grinning:

Your refinished baby buggy is Just so beautiful!

It is beautiful! Great job, I love it!

Great Job! I’m glad you saved it.

You did a really good job on it . Enjoy ! It’s beautiful .

beautiful and great find!

I love it! What a great find.

I love it! The wood is beautiful and so is the fabric

It’s beautiful!


Love it!

Wat a find. So gorgeous ur doing great work to it

I love it!

your re-ferbish is just beautiful !!!what a special treasure !

I got some ideas for this gem I found on eBay for just 5 bucks

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Beautiful buggy!! :heart_eyes:

Gorgeous! I love it!

You did a beautiful job restoring it.Love it!

Thanks everyone. It was a challenge for me. I am not totally satisfied but learned alot and may one day recover it again and will use what I learned to do a better job. Thanks again for you nice comments. I just love old baby things. My husband and I were getting some old toys down from the attic this week and one was an old toy box that was my son’s. (I am so sentimental but he is not). My son is now 35 so the toy box is at least 32 years old. It is a plastic Little Tikes football. I washed it and repainted the white on it and am going to give it to my grandson who is a year old. It is so cute and I don’t think they make them anymore. I wish I had saved more from when my children were little.