OLD REBORNS.....come see!

I think we’ve talked more than once about the “old days” of reborning and when we started out how differently we did things. Well, I found these pics of a few of my oldies but goodies…gee…I’d forgotten about them! Berenguer faces, all of them. Felicia is for my sister and was included in the Doll Crafting magazine article they did about me 7 or 8 yrs. ago…I am also including “Will” ~ the one I did of my brother. Boy, times have sure changed in 10 years! Look at all the WIGS!!! Some day it’d be fun to find out who the very first reborner was…I know it was way more than 10 years ago, but I didn’t start making babies till 2002. If anyone knows who it was, please tell!

Karen… they were adorable… I have the “shy face” (your Connor), but it is still just a Berenguer… mine just has 1/4 arms and legs though…

I still love Berenguers, especially Sucky Lip. I think that will be my all=time favorite.


I re-borned 2 of the sucky lips “Lots to Love” at Christmas… I think that is a wonderful face too…

Thanks for the post. It was fun to see the pictures. I think they look great. I see why you were featured in a magazine Great workmanship.

It’s like the doll 80’s!

They are adorable, I love Berenguers

Just think that was when we were young and didn’t know any better.LOL

Now that’s what I’m talking about. I absolutely love that face!!! Call me old fashioned if you will, but I think it’s a classic.


That is still one of my all time favorite little faces. That was the baby that I bought off of ebay in Oct 2002. A little sucky-lip that I just had to fix…yep that’s what got me started.

Your collection Karen looks alot like mine. We just crashed our old hard drive and I lost most of my pics. Berenguers, Rit dye, and wigs. They were so beautiful!!!

My favorites of your pictures would have to be Kerrigan and Will. Both are adorable!
Things may have changed but man! are YOU ever talented!
Actually I think my favorite is the last pic…of your great neice…she is totally beautiful. Nice work Auntie! LOL

I know its been over 13 years because that is how long I have been doing it and they were on ebay when i found and couldnt afford them so had to do the next best thing and start making them for myself.

Oh Karen you have some darling babies there! I particularly like the Chris!

My oldies range from funny looking babies with big lashes and hair to fairly decent ones as time went on. I have them all uploaded at these links you guys can view.

Mark Jones's Photo Galleries at pbase.com … 4_and_2005
They start to look better here:
2006_lil_dumplins Photo Gallery by Mark Jones at pbase.com