Old reborn kit i found in my storage stash

I had quit reborning for a few years and was looking for something today and found a little kit and it has the name Rhubub on a label on the storage bag… I googled it to find info but was not able to find anything … I am pretty sure he had to be one of the first Kits that came out or possibly a secrist doll kit … Does anyone remember it ?


Could you take a photo?

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I looked again and is says rhubub smiling but still no luck with googling the info.

I will try and take a pic tomorrow and post it. He reminds of a little elf but no pointy ears lol.


Sounds like a Secrist doll.

Could it be Secrist Bubba?

Well i finally found it online after getting a magnifier and reading the back of her neck.
Ruth annette kit rhubub smilng … neck also says 2009 ruby hues .

I think he would make an adorable fairy but he doesnt have pointy ears.