Old doll head

Anyone recognize this old doll head? It’s hard plastic,almost porcelain like. Eyes close when tipped. I saved her from the basement of my step mom antique store, can’t let a doll die​:pleading_face: I looked head and tail for her body but only found an ancient black cloth body w no head!! My stepmom is not able to remember anything about either, I ordered a cuddle body w hands and feet just so she can be alive ( I’m weird that way):blush:


I believe she is a composite doll? Someone with more knowledge would know for sure. My mom loves these old dolls!

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It looks very similar to my composite Tiny Tears doll from the 50s but she doesn’t have any tear holes. It might be from the 40s. Maybe Madame Alexander, Ideal or Effanbee. Is there anything on the back of the head?


Just the number 28

Looks like a composite doll. That head is in excellent condition. Glad you are doing something with it.

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@mcnair6 knows dolls. She may even have this one in her collection.

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She looks like a Betsy Wetsy or Tiny Tears. Although Tiny Tears had eye holes in the corner of her eyes. She might just be what they refer to as a ‘character baby’. Sorry I’m not more helpful.

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