Ok I know I saw a conversation on this topic but can't seem to find it sorry 😄

So shiney limbs did I see somewhere you do something to it with flesh 08 an glazing or satin gel an cure it again I read so much on reborning I forget where I read a lot of the stuff so sorry for bringing it up again but Asher’s legs are a little shiney not too bad but enough where it’s bothering me ya know lol an another thing do any of you start doing a kit an get bored with it an put it aside because I have Fleur Kaelin an Owen oh an presley awake going an i have harley to do now cuz my niece don’t want it an that’s fine with me harley is real cute but wanted to start Fleur an Kaelin so now I have them going lol oh silly me an I have to root Asher’s an Byrons eyelashes im I was just curious I feel like I’m crazy I have heads an limbs everywhere on top of my nieces babies :slight_smile:

i try to do one at a time and finish the first one but it never works that way i paint one at a time finish that one start another before rooting or assembly and go back to rooting then painting and back to rooting again till i have a few that need assembly and clothes so i always have more then one kit going a the same time board with one ? no not yet i love them all so that hasnt happened as of yet but ive only been doing this a few months now

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If you decide you want to sell that Harley kit, just let me know. I am trying to find one.

The only one I ever got bored with was Tibby. She’s huge and very hard to bring to life in my opinion. I love big toddlers, but she’s too doll-like for me. I finished her, but then had to replace a leg that deveoped a huge back spot after her first photo-shoot. I guess I rested her on something but it woudn’t come out. So today I am working on her again. I’m having to redo the legs and have been putting it off.

Try using matte varnish pounced well to fix the shinyness. Bake and cool a couple times until it looks and feels the way you want.

I always work on 2-3 at a time at different stages. I’m actually the opposite…I get obsessed and can’t wait to finish them. I spend every spare moment on them. It’s so bad because I feel lost if I’m sitting on the sofa without a head to root! Lol