Ok Heres a buyer for ya!

I have been dealing with a buyer who wants one of my babies (drew) and in early summer ask about him and after several e-mails back and forth said she got one at a yard sale for $1-
I was like -Yea right !
And e-mailed a very nice Oh how blessed you are -e-mail
Now I here from her again and she is still wanting the doll but I was pretty sure now that this is a Kid
I ask if she was an adult because if not I would need to speak to her parents about this - Sure enough shes 13 -WOW all these e-mails and time and I bet she dont buy -but hey its almost Christmas and maybe her parents will help her get him !!!

It’s kind of sad, in a way, that she wants it that badly. Hopefully Santa will help out.

Well I have decided to reduce his price to $100 and let her have have him She is really asweet girl and was so happy to here that it is OK that at 13 she still loves dolls -She said "some times I pretent they are real " I said “well I am 55 and sometimes I pretend they are real too !”"Just for a min .
She ask if she could be my e-mail friend and we could talk about dolls -I invited her to come over to BB -I well do a photo shoot of her baby this week

Glad it worked out for her. Too bad more girls weren’t little girls instead of 'grown ups." When I taught school I used to tell my students they only had 18 years to be a child and the rest of their life to be grown up.

Good morning My Friend !!!
I told her the exact same thing -dont let anyone rush you into growing up and besides that you are never to old to play with dollies !!!
She has been saving her money all this time to buy this doll and I am thrilled to have him go to this Mommy !!!