Oily kit

I bought the LISA BY LINDE SCHERER kit and it won’t hold paint and it is oily I think it must be a knock off. I bought it on ebay what can I do to keep it from being oily I baked it with paint and it got worse any suggestions would be appreciated

Did you wash it with dishwashing fluid first? Or does the oil keep bleeding from the vinyl?

Secrist had this issue with some kits years ago. They said it was releasing agent coming through the vinyl. Nothing could solve it. I was told a couple years ago that the best primer for oily vinyl is air dry primer because it is closer in actual chemistry to the vinyl and seals it off better. I have used the RebornFX primer, left it on a couple days to cure and then applied heat set paint over it. I can attest that it works as far as heat setting over it. As far as solving your oily vinyl issue, I don’t know. You would just need to try that. If it does not work, then I would toss the kit.


I had an oily Secrist kit many years ago I primed it with a thin layer of heat set Matt varnish and then continued like always. It was a gift for a friend’s granddaughter and the paint has held up beautifully.

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I am surprised it worked because everyone I knew who tried that said the oil eventually started leaching back out. That is great!

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If you think it’s a knock off I would not even bother to paint it.
It’s unethical plus who knows what it’s realizing.

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Yes I washed it with Dawn and it looked good but once I baked it the oil started coming

  • agree a knock off is not good but the seller told me it is LISA BY LINDE SCHERER kit * I bought it from someone on ebay so I didn’t see her first I want to finish her because she looks likke my daughter when she was born
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Thanks ladies for your advise I will try the heat set matt varnish since I have it and then paint again keep your fingers crossed for me

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Rubbing alcohol will take oil off , I always wash them first , then wipe down with the alcohol. Then I matte varnish as well :grin:


thanks I’ll try it

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