Ohio National Doll Show?

I just saw that there’s a doll show in Newark, OH in October. I was just curious if anyone has gone before. I’ve been to the show in Toledo before, it was really small and the Rossfield sports center they hold it in smells bad and it’s pretty gross, so I wasn’t looking forward to maybe going back this year.

I was excited to see that this one is at an actual hotel with room for 248 vendors. I’m not sure how many reborn artists will participate, it seems like most around here are more vintage/collectible dolls. I just emailed to request a vendor application, so I’m not sure how much tables are yet, but just wanted to share for those in the area and to see if anyone has gone or participated before.


I may be interested in going to this. Thanks for the link!


I vendored at one doll show where I was the only one who had reborns. They created quite a sensation. It was so fun.


I just returned my contracts and wanted to post so anyone interested can see table prices. She said she didn’t have many left. I hope to see some of you ladies there!


I just might be able to make this one! It’s less than 2 hours from me!

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