Oh so not cool see the changes on the realborns 😕😕

Oh I don’t think that’s right how they changed how they are selling the realborns did it say without the box that sucks I hope I read that wrong I wanted to grab another Asher asleep guess that’s not gonna happen oh well now im kinda bummed out :disappointed::disappointed:

I dont like this idea either. Luckily I ordered mine before the change and my Asher arrived yesterday with the box.
I wouldnt mind buying the box separate, but I dont need the 4 lbs of beads, I have my own, and wouldnt that make the shipping go up?

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I guess the glass beads body an box isn’t so bad but I wish they just did it like that from the start well I may still get another Asher hopefully they still have him with the box next week I do love that kit I just was shocked when I saw it lol

As I mentioned in a previous thread, when shipping the box, some of our customers were being hit with a “Dimensional Weight” surcharge by the post office. Curiously enough, the surcharge does not come in to play if the package is heavy enough. It only comes into play for large packages that are also very light (low weight). If the package is heavy enough, the post office switches back to just charging for the weight, rather than charging for the dimensions of the package.

Our solution was to eliminate the “free” box from the standard offering, but then offer it again as a separate item number, but add enough extra weight with it (the extra items) so that the surcharge does not come into play.

I know it sounds irrational. But that’s our post office for you.

One of the side-effects is that shipping for the Realborn WITHOUT the box is now a lot less.

Nevin Pratt
CEO, Bountiful Baby


Truthfully I like how you changed it. It will be nice to have not only the baby but it’s body and beads. I am more than willing to spend the extra for the box and other items. :slight_smile:

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Oh no shipping to NZ for the box/body/beads is $73,99 and without the box $43.19. BB if in future I order a realborn can I request just the box as I would like it and was not charged extra for getting it the last time. There is no way I am paying extra for a body when I make my own and I have my own supply of beads.

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Honestly I was surprised but after I thought about it I decided it was worth it to get another Asher with the box, body and beads. I figure I’ll sell one and didn’t want to end up without one for myself. When I scan the Internet looking for other kits I’m stunned at the prices and have to pass them up. When you think of the technology that went into making the Realborns you have to agree that the pricing is very reasonable. I love reborning and really enjoy the quality and quantity that I’m able to order from BB.


I do not want more beads (I buy mine by 50kg), I do not want the body, but if i decided I want Asher, I would want the box.

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I had not noticed that yet. I think it’s a great option. Thank you @bbsupport for that option!

I haven’t even touched my 2 Presleys yet. So those of you who have sold these reborns now, how many of you are seeing that the buyers really DO want the box verses buyers who do not care?

My buyer definitely wanted the biz and was excited about it. I think the problem comes in if you buy a kit without the box and then end up listing the baby and the buyer wants the box and you don’t have it?

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Well, I’d really prefer that they also add an option to get the Realborns with the box but without the beads and body. That’s not a body I use, and the beads are really going to jack up my shipping to Canada. Why can’t they have all three?


The only way to make it bit more economical is to buy another kit (any kit) or buy 2 of the realborns. I am in Australia and getting 2 Presleys made the shipping more palatable.

Actually, I wonder why, with all the effort making the realborns, BB did not make a special really well fitting body for them?

Well, I was tossing up if I should be getting some Ashers or wait for Gudrun’s Mathis pre-order, and this just made my choice much easier. Her kits come with great bodies.

I got 2 sleeping Presley kits and at the time I did not notice the shipping being inflated. If it was, BB must have eaten the costs on that. They did replace my 2 damaged boxes and they came in fine and packaged better in a thicker box than my first 2 with the kits did. Although they are no longer guaranteeing them to arrive undamaged now. I do think the box is nice but it does require getting a larger outer box to ship. I will be using the one that the 2 new boxes came in to ship one of the babies I make. I have found you can buy boxes at Office Depot individually to use as an outer box. I do not know yet how much it will run the shipping up on sending out a baby but I suspect buyers who know they exist are going to want the box too. I too make my own bodies most of the time and I buy my glass in bulk by the bucket. If they were sending out a larger pellet like glass that can be used in the body I would interested in that but I really do not need extra glass. It would be nice if it could somehow be determined that for those who the shipping is not more to not have to order the extra stuff to get the box. For some kits I have used the BB bodies but on many of them the BB bodies are too big and bulky in the chest area and I do not use them. I do not know what body BB is sending out with these kits but I can say from looking at Presley that I don’t think one of the bulky chest bodies would look well on him.

If the box is folded down won’t it still be big & flat requiring a larger box to send it in?

I looked at how much Asher was with the box on my last invoice, total was 92 dollars. I added the new Asher with box and the total was 115 dollars, so thats 23 dollars more than the original sale.
I guess with the body and beads its an ok deal, in fact after looking at BB’s glass beads I think I will go with them for now on when it comes time to purchase more beads. I like the fact that its a larger grain size, I always felt uncomfortable while using the fine glass beads…like what if I accidentally inhaled it…eek scary thought.
So when Asher awake comes out i’ll spring for the box :slight_smile: